CCU-010 HV High Vacuum

The CCU-010 HV high compact vacuum coating system is designed for the highest demands in the field of sample preparation.

Safematic CCU-010 coater family: The CCU-010 HV high vacuum compact coating unit: Side open. Safematic CCU-010 coater family: The CCU-010 HV high vacuum compact coating unit: Front. Safematic CCU-010 coater family: The CCU-010 HV high vacuum compact coating unit: Side closed. Safematic CCU-010 coater family: The CCU-010 HV fine vacuum compact coating unit. Without head. Safematic CCU-010 coater family: The CCU-010 HV high vacuum compact coating unit: Back. Safematic CCU-010 coater family: The CCU-010 HV high vacuum compact coating unit: Dimensions.

Application high vacuum

The CCU-010 high vacuum sputter and carbon coater was designed for the highest demands in the field of sample preparation. Premium components and a smart design allow excellent results in ultra-high-resolutionapplications. Our device is a compact, fully automatic sputter coater and/or carbon coater. The CCU-010 HV base unit pumping system is totally oil-free and includes a high performance turbo pump and diaphragm backing pump, both internally located, giving the coater a very small footprint (no cumbersome rotary pump and vacuum lines). It is a mini sputter coater size wise with big potential. The use of an oil-free, pumping system reduces contamination or defects in the coating to a minimum. The device can be kept under vacuum when switched off. This efficiently protects the system from dust and humidity and creates a fast pumping speed and proper vacuum conditions for high-quality coatings.

A smart device

A sputter coater and/or carbon coater with options for plasma treatment within one device? Yes, this is possible with our table top coating system. By simply changing the process head, you can easily configure the unit for all these applications. Adjust the unit to your requirements or extend the functionality afterwards. A coating thickness monitor close to the sample is standard fitting which will precisely monitor and control film thickness of carbon and metal films.

Do not waste time

The use of high-quality materials and components in combination with innovative ideas produces extraordinarily short process times. Create recipes via the modern user interface and use the automatic mode for reliable and reproducible production of thin coatings.

Low consumption

The efficient gas control optimized for high vacuum reduces the consumption of your process gas. With a target diameter of 54 mm and high target utilization, you save money on consumables.

Compact and practical

Save valuable laboratory space thanks to small dimensions. Weight has been minimized to reduce transport costs. Standardised small-flange quick connections („iso-kf“) interface with your existing connections.

Easy start-up and servicing

Unpack, connect, start! Do away with high start-up costs. The plug-and-play concept allows you to start up the device yourself. You only need to connect the power supply and the process gas. The service technician can run a quick error analysis thanks to the integrated usb service interface. The modular set-up allows for the targeted replacement of defective components.

CCU-010 HV compact coating unit

Art. No. 100001
Safematic CCU-010 coater family:
sputter coater, carbon coater, gold coater, table top coater, mini sputter coater, vacuum coating system, compact sputter coater.
Highlights and Features
  • Reliable, solid basic unit
  • Lightweight Aluminum base, small footprint
  • Integrated diaphragm pump (MD 1 Vario-SP)
  • Integrated turbo pump (Pfeiffer Hi Pace 80)
  • Full range vacuum measuring (Pirani, cold cathode vacuum gauge)
  • Glass process chamber ∅ 105 mm (DN 100 ISO-KF compatible) with a scale indicating the working distance
  • Specimen stage, height-adjustable and tiltable (∅ 80 mm) to hold your samples. The table can be easily removed without tools for cleaning purposes.
  • Speed-controlled rotary or planetary gear table with different options for holding samples (option)
  • Integrated film thickness monitor, usable in two positions (center / edge)
  • Plasma treatment option (etching)
  • Implosion guard with safety monitoring
  • Wide range power supply (90-260 VAC)
  • Process head standard interface (gas and electric)
  • Automatic process head detection
  • 5.7″ TFT touch display
  • Sputtering of indium tin oxide (ITO) and carbon possible
  • Recipes programmable which guarantee reproducible products
  • History function with storage / view of the last processes
  • Feature for automatic venting of system in the event of power loss. This prevents the system from becoming contaminated with backing pump oil.
  • Intuitive user software with many practical features
  • Graphical representation of process data with Windows-based coating LAB software (option)
  • External alarm output
  • USB service interface for easy analysis and software upgrades
  • Various accessories, tools, cables and assembly material included in delivery
  • Power socket and cable to control the external roughing pump
  • Automatic valve control for two process gases and venting
  • 6 mm plug connections for two process gases and vent gas
  • Can be used as a pure pumping unit
  • Operating manual
Technical Data
Dimensions (L x W x H) 570 x 360 x 350 mm
Weight 29 kg
Glass cylinder Ø 120 mm (DN 100 ISO-KF compatible)
Imposion guard Plastic splinter shield around glass receptacle
Targets Ø 54 mm and thickness up to 3 mm
Coating time 0.5 ... 990 s
Coating current 10 ... 100 mA (higher currents upon request)
Final vacuum < 2 · 10-6 mbar
Vacuum measuring system Pirani and cold cathode measuring system
Display 115 x 86 mm, TFT graphical display
Sample table Ø 80 mm, holds numerous sample plates
Height adjustment 0 ... 50 mm
Tilt 0 ... 45°
Double-quartz system Piezoelectric crystal: Frequency 6 MHz, Ø 14 mm, thickness 0.4 mm
Measuring frequency depends on coating thickness
Pump system Integrated membrane and turbo pump
Connections, electrical Device plug C14, 90-260 VAC, 47..63 Hz, 500 W
Connections, gas Process gas: Ø 6mm, venting gas: Ø 6mm, plasma gas: Ø 6mm