External Backing Pump Pfeiffer Pascal

The external backing pump Pfeiffer Pascal 2005 is a rotary vane pump from the Pascal Series for backing vacuum and medium vacuum.

External backing pump pfeiffer pascal for low and medium vacuum.

Rotary vane pumps from the Pascal Series for backing vacuum and medium vacuum

The two-stage Pascal rotary vane pumps are the result of decades of experience in the design and industrial production of vacuum pumps.

Rotary vane pumps for main vacuum applications

The pumps from the Pascal Series from Pfeiffer Vacuum with their high performance are used in the most demanding applications in industry, analytics and research and development. They are distinguished by their recognized high quality and reliability.

Rotary vane pumps for simple integration in systems

The oil emission on the outlet is minimized through the optimal lubrication design. The integrated non-return system guarantees optimal leak-tight properties by design. The assignment of all operating elements and service accesses on the front side of the vane pumps guarantees a simple integration in systems. The configuration of the single stage motors occurs through a simple plug-in position.

Long-lasting rotary vane pumps

Just like all products from Pfeiffer Vacuum, with its robust design the Pascal Series is designed for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance. The external shaft seals can be easily exchanged without disassembling the pump. Thus, all pumps can be simply maintained in the field with the fitting original maintenance sets. A comprehensive selection of accessories like oil filters, condensate traps or dust filters add to the pump selection. Fitting lubricants with different viscosities guarantee the optimal and long-lasting operation in different applications. In order to obtain the desired final pressure, the operating fluid must have a very low saturation pressure and a special viscosity in the internal temperature range of the pump.

External backing pump Pfeiffer Pascal 2005

Art. No. 200002
Used with CCU-010 LV.
Technical Data
Flange (out) DN 25 ISO-KF
Flange (in) DN 25 ISO-KF
Operating fluid Mineral oil
Ultimate pressure 5 · 10-4 hPa | 3.75 · 10-4 Torr | 5 · 10-4 mbar
Ultimate pressure with gas ballast 1 · 10-2 hPa | 7.5 · 10-3 Torr | 1 · 10-2 mbar
Weight 25 kg | 55,12 lb
Pumping speed at 50 Hz 0.45 kW
Pumping speed at 60 Hz 0.55 kW
Rated power 50 Hz 180-254 V
Rated power 60 Hz 180-254 V
Pumping speed at 50 Hz 5 m3/h
Pumping speed at 60 Hz 6 m3/h
Version Standard